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Did you know that in the United Kingdom one in three adults don’t sleep more than five to six hours per night and to be mentally and physically refreshed, the recommended amount per night is seven to eight hours of restorative sleep?

Are you part of the clan of zombies that, after a busy day, find it hard to switch your brain off long enough to get a full night of restful sleep?

We know that the stressful working lives of today’s generation of busy professionals are making sleep disorders and insomnia common issues. That coupled with tech addiction, electric lighting and work commitments are exacerbating the issue leading us to use more caffine, alcohol and drugs to try and combat the problem but these remedies only make things worse in the long run by having a negative effect on the quality of our sleep.

Aside from the inevitable feelings of lethargy and fatigue, regular sleep disturbance can result in long term effects on our health and well-being.

Our blissful sleep retreat is what you need!

We will give you the perfect chance to return to your normal sleeping pattern and achieve deep relaxation, through a combination of stress-relieving techniques and natural therapies. With key lifestyle consultations, diagnostic techniques and holistic treatments, the benefits of our sleep retreats for sleep enhancement and insomnia treatment will continue even after you return home.


What we offer.

  • Sleep consultation – Talk to a proffesional sleep coach who can listen to your story and suggest ways in which you can improve your situation phsically or psychologically to aid your sleep.
  • Life coaching – We will cover all aspects of your life to make adjustments that will inevitably encourage greater sleep quality and duration.
  • Nidra Yoga –  Have a session with our incredibly experienced yoga teacher who will go through some great yoga tips for sleep.
  • Locally sourced healthy food- We will nourish your soul and tummies with locally sourced, whole food and authentic Italian quisine.
  • Music – Have a chance to listen to and even participate with our musicians as we enjoy the starlit Tuscan night sky.
  • Meditation – Learn the practise of meditation with our experienced guide who can teach you different ways to meditate and why it can help with your sleep
  • Community – Make new friends for life and share your experiences whilst sharing a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to enjoy Tuscany and revel in self-care.
  • Massage – Recieve a massage from our experienced masseuse and energy worker to heal and remedy that stressful life away.
  • Peaceful and beautiful surroundings – Our retreats are set in the picturesque rolling hills of Tuscany near to Florence. All you will hear at night is the sound of nature in the local forests.
  • Nature walks – One of the great de-stressors of life and one that will surely aid a good nights sleep. Take a walk in a natural forest around the beautiful hills of Tuscany.
  • Grounding – Take the oppurtunity to walk bare foot on the ground and recieve the positively relaxing effects known as grounding.
  • Cookery class – Learn how nutrition is key to healthy living and healthy sleeping. We will give you a class on how to cook and eat healthy and nutritious food when you return home and you will also take away the knowledge of how to cook an authentic Italian dish given to you by an experienced local chef.
Beautiful girl practices yoga in the morning forest.

Create a special moment to heal your self, you deserve it.

The goal here is to improve your sleep quality from the inside out, so if you’re struggling with some kind of energy imbalance, be it hormonal or due to digestive issues, you’re offered treatments like herbal medicine and aromatherapy to calm your senses and inner anxieties, as well as establish better sleep patterns.

This retreat will help you to:


  • Ease muscle pain and cramps
  • Assist in the elimination of toxins
  • Relieve stress
  • Learn strategies for healthy living
  • Be part of a community
  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • Learn how to adjust your environment for optimum sleep
  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • To talk about your issues
  • Enjoy a relaxing environment

A different perspective

A sleep retreat extracts us from the external environment in which our insomnia first developed and continues to flourish, freeing us up to focus more intently on the internal factors sustaining it. It temporarily excuses us from our work, home and community responsibilities and delivers us to a new setting and mindset conducive to healing our disturbed sleep. More specifically, a sleep retreat allows us to step away from the range of cues present in our ordinary, day-to-day lives that are associated with and subtly drive our sleeplessness.


Healing food

You will have the opportunity to enjoy well studied and balanced meals created by our selected chef with healthy and organic seasonal vegetables, ancient grains and seeds grown locally and whole foods.

Balanced meals and good food has an enormous role to play in giving you the sleep you deserve. We will describe every meal you will eat and teach you the secrets to maintaining a healthy diet once you go home with tips to add to your daily routine.


The sleep retreat is just the first step!

After the sleep retreat you go home and test all the incredible knowledge you have gained with The Sleep Lovers, relax and think of how amazing it has been. You gave some time for your self, only your self, and if we know you a little, this is already a lot! Gratitude, you will see, is one of the key emotions on which we will work.

If you feel that the retreat has helped but you think you still need a hand, you are now part of an amazing communtiy and we are always here to help you!
There are lots of different ways for you to continue your journey with The Sleep Lovers.
We can to work together in person or online, whichever works best for you.

We will create a tailormade programme that will go deep into your personal lifestyle and sleep practises. We will give you a step by step, day by day guide on behaviour, lifestyle, food, breath work and meditation… and most af all, we will be there if you need us!

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Environmental conditions, such as temperature, noise, light, uncomfortable mattresses or pillows have a significant role in our sleep quality and one’s ability to sleep well. Also by keeping televisions, phones and tablets in our sleeping sanctuaries is making an easy process more difficult. By setting up our environment to be an ideal place to sleep in we can greatly increase our chances of good sleep.

A very simple tip is to buy blackout curtains. In the summer months this can greatly enhance our sleep quality as even when our eyes are closed photoreceptors on our skin are passing on information to the brain about the time of day. So if there’s light in our bedrooms our natural tendency as humans is to be awake, therefore when you want to sleep make sure its dark. Really dark! Check out the products we love to see if they can help you too.


It’s certainly true that life events, such as bereavement and stress can lead to an increased likelihood of insomnia. Also, diseases and pain can affect our sleep as well as drug and alcohol use. Certain medications may have a negative effect on our quality of sleep (especially so called sleeping pills).

We at The Sleep Lovers aren’t Doctors but we do believe in the bodies incredible capacity to heal itself, given the right conditions to do so and there are always things we can do to improve our quality of life through the choices we make and thoughts we keep. Keep posted for ways to improve your quality of life in future articles.

Since the beginning of time parents have had to deal with different sleep patterns with the arrival of newborn babies. This has a big effect on sleep quality and duration and this tiredness goes on to affect their children.

Sleep deprivation inhibits the mental processes of parents and reduces their ability to maintain still nerves, be calm and it can be misunderstood by the child as negative stimuli, having an effect on their ability to manage their emotions. This certainly has an effect on the behavior of their children and triggers a vicious circle which is why its so important to prioritize your own sleep as a new parent. Keep posted for articles around good practices for managing sleep as a parent by our resident parenting sleep expert.


Yes it’s definitely true that the way your parents slept, and their parents and their parents may affect the way you sleep. Not only did they probably pass down to you certain habits and practises around sleep but they also passed on to you certain genetic predispositions such as being morning people or evening people. Also the hormones we release and in what quantities and at what times has a lot to do with your genes.

The way our circadian rhythms interact with our natural desire to sleep when we’re feeling tired or our homeostatic drive as it’s known is probably an interaction that predates us too. All very useful to know but how can this help you to get a great night’s sleep now? We at The Sleep Lovers have been talking to geneticist Dr xxxxxx of xxxxxx about the possibility of designing a genetic test that could help you to determine which sleep related genes are expressing themselves in you or not as the case may be and how this could help you to tailor your sleep practises accordingly. Watch this space for news about this upcoming product.

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