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he Sleep Lovers brings solutions to you to help guide you past the very modern problem of poor sleep quality and deprivation.
We will give you the best information that empowers you to make the right decisions that will affect your life for the better in all ways!


We provide workshops and coaching aimed to bring very real solutions to this issue without feeling the need to reach out for quick fixes. Our programs are based on scientific research and bring a mindful approach to looking at our life choices, many of which are unconscious.
Through looking at what we put into our bodies and the nature of our habits and environments we achieve great results.


If you still are experiencing problems sleeping that are deep rooted we offer beautiful retreats where you can experience our approach in every facet of life through meditation, yoga, incredibly vibrant healthy and tasty food, relaxation, exercise, laughter, music and companionship. Our retreats are always set in beautiful natural locations and offer excellent sleep hygiene.
Learn incredible ways to implement these strategies in your own life, and take them back to your bedrooms!


We recommend great new products and technologies that can assist us in our daily quest for consistent sleep quality and duration.
We offer solutions and products that can be used to ensure daily continuous improvements that will soon have you living a happy life beyond your wildest dreams.

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