elcome to The Sleep Lovers! We are Kathleen and Ian, we love our sleep and want to share tips and advice on how to go about having the best nights sleep, consistently, so that you can build the life of your dreams.

We all need sleep. The body heals most when sleeping and we are surrounded by distractions and stimulation that makes the super important process of sleeping increasingly difficult.

Even if we are getting as much sleep as we think we need, is it of the right quality?

Join our global community and share your ideas with others and gain inspiration on how to go about giving yourself the greatest chance to make the most out of your slumber and give your self the best sleep possible.

We will also be reviewing products that will help you to do that and talking to experts who can point us in the right direction to fulfil our waking hours by receiving great sleep. The parents here among us know how challenging it can be to cope when a child is finding it difficult to sleep. Many people are stressed out, overworked and making poor choices that inhibit their ability to sleep and therefore their bodies ability to detoxify and naturally heal.

We all want to arise in the mornings feeling invigorated and able to tackle life head-on when we wake up! The Sleep Lovers want to share with you everything that will help you to do that and live your life to the fullest.

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