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WHY a natural mattress is so important for health?

Pure Sleep mattresses really are a true quality gift to yourself or your family.

Assembled with natural materials such as wool and cotton and made in the UK by an award winning manufacturer and one of the only companies that make fire safe mattresses without the hazardous fire retardant chemicals that by law have to be added to all other mattresses sold in the UK.

These terrifying chemicals are generally either Organic Phosphates or Bromine based fire retardants that are well known to be extremely harmful when ingested as they surely are when they are added to mattresses. 

Our Pure Sleep range is made with love and precision by experts who have been making mattresses for over 30 years and who are passionate not only the quality and service of their product range but also about the toxicity of fire retardants in the home and the unbelievable scandal that we have to be subjected to these chemicals polluting our homes whilst the petrochemical industries are cashing in. 

The Chicago Tribune ran a series of articles about the toxicity and harmful effects of fire retardants which won a Pulitzer journalist prize and led to the banning of many of these chemicals in American homes.

Unfortunately we in the UK have not been so lucky and this practice still continues here.

Pure Sleep Mattresses:

  • comfortable
  • high quality
  • chemical free
  • with a 5 year guarantee


Pure Sleep Mattress is made with natural products such as English sheep wool and cotton.

These natural products allow your skin and body to breath in the warmer months and add natural insulation and warmth in the colder months. With exceptional padding and made to order to your own specifications depending on how firm and size you like your mattresses to be (more dettails here).

Pure Sleep Mattress has 1000 Pocket Springs to keep you supported and massage you.

In the centre of the mattress we place a 1000 pocket sprung Active Support Technology spring system. This spring unit has been well balanced to offer strength, the correct level of support and durability without making the mattress too heavy.

The pocket springs are in their own individual pockets which allows the mattress to adjust and respond to your body weight.

High quality sourced in the UK

Pure Sleep Mattress is made in the UK by award winning manufacturers who pride themselves on using natural materials that meet all of the regulations whilst boasting none of the toxic Fire Retardants that all mattress manufacturers by law in the UK have to add to their products.

All of the materials that go in to the making Pure Sleep Mattress are sourced in the UK as is the production of the product.

Chemical Free

All mattresses sold in the UK by law have to be sprayed with Fire retardants to meet the fire regulations in the UK.

Pure Sleep Mattress is one of the few products available that boasts a chemical free mattress whilst meeting all of the fire saftey standards that have to be met to trade in the UK.

Fire retardants are a highly toxic group of chemicals that are known to harm children and pregnant mothers especially.

These chemicals are often Organic phospates (which are the same group of chemicals as pesticides) or Bromine based chemicals. 

Choose where you and your loved ones spend 1/3 of their life. Invest in your health!

Dangerous cancer-causing and brain-harming toxic flame retardants are used in the name of fire safety when safer alternatives are available: Pure Sleep is one of these.

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